A Smart Device With High Performance and Great Design


The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone made and released by Samsung Electronics in collaboration with Vodafone. The smartphone is announced on 7 March at Samsung’s official Awesome Unpacked event along with the Galaxy A72. Like the other models in the Galaxy A series, it serves as the replacement for the original Galaxy 51. This new handset boasts some unique features, like multi-tasking features, professional cameras and professional games that can be played on its premium games platform, Onboard Navigation Center. samsung a52s

The Samsung A52s has an interesting design compared to other smartphone handsets from Samsung. It looks similar to the HTC Evo Shift but weighs 5 pounds instead. Despite having a smaller body than its rival, it comes with a high-end mobile phone performance. We will take a deeper look into the phone’s specifications below:

As per Samsung, this device comes with a dual camera setup. One of the cameras is placed in the top half of the phone, while the other can be found at the bottom. It also comes with a heart rate monitor, which acts as an activity tracker. In addition, it comes with a miniatureaturized notification centre that helps users get in touch with their Samsung A52s across different platforms. The Samsung A52s also features a quad-core processor with Samsung’s Exynona processor, a large 6 mega-pin memory, a USB Type-C port, an Adreno 506 camera with image stabilization, a dual-tone flash and an aluminium frame.

The Samsung A52s comes with a single sim slot and a microSD card which offer you lots of room for additional data. If you are planning to download or upload some music or videos, then the card can accommodate several gigabytes worth of space. In addition, the A 1952s comes with a conventional power adapter and an aluminium metal body, which are definitely big enough. In the UK, this phone comes with a UK charger and will support GSM carriers like Orange, O2 and T-Mobile.

When it comes to camera capabilities, the Samsung A52s has the ability to take excellent quality images. The image stabilization helps you to take clear and vibrant pictures. There is also a self-cleaning lens which allows the users to take pictures without any external cleaning. This gadget also has an integrated video camera, but the UK models do not support live video recording.

In terms of performance, the Samsung A52s scores very high and is one of the most powerful devices available on the UK market. The device allows the users to surf the internet easily and enjoy their video and music games. Apart from this, the Samsung 52s also has a huge memory capacity which allows the users to store large number of photos and other documents. In short, the Samsung A52s is an all in one smart phone that provides great performance.

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