Zodiac Birthstones: ‘What’s Your Stone, Baby?’

If there’s one thing that everyone knows about astrology, it’s their zodiac sign. If there’s one thing everyone loves about learning, it’s learning about their zodiac sign.

Why the fascination with them? Why do even the most scientific-minded among us have a deep-rooted curiosity when it comes to our own personal zodiac sign? Perhaps it’s because they are pretty much the only things that might tell us something about ourselves that nothing else can. We aren’t born with a manual on life, much to everyone’s dismay; and we don’t really get to know but a shadow of how the rest of the world perceives us. preethi zodiac mg 218

We learn to crawl, walk, go to school, spend years in our respective careers, and so on. We are many things to many people: our schoolmates might see us as fun and entertaining, while our coworkers think we’re a little on he gloomy side. The sad fact is that we are constantly being barraged with different sorts of information to be processed based on how we’re treated and how we fit into the rest of the world.

Fortunately for all of us, the zodiac is readily available to help us out when we want to know why we are shy with the opposite sex, or can’t stand the color orange; but do we really believe all that mythological and unscientific data of the astrologers?

More than likely.

We believe, many times, what we want to believe. Right or wrong, our zodiac sign answers questions about ourselves our friends and family can’t. Symbols are seductive, so don’t feel too bad if you consider yourself entirely logical yet own (and read) a few books on astrology.

Just as seductive as zodiac signs can be, their realistic counterparts are just as fascinating…

I mentioned earlier that everyone knows what their “sign” is. I’d be hard pressed to say that about birthstones. Yep, we’ve all got one or two of those as well.

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